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Guest Players
Rule Change for 2017 Season

A team who discovers that they will be short players may borrower up to four guest players to get to a maximum game day roster of 11 players for 3rd/4th. A team may borrower up to five guest players for 5th/6th & 7th/8th to get to 17 players. In keeping with the balanced team concept, the team adding the guest players must, to the extent possible, replace the missing players with players of comparable skill and experience. For example, if a player in their first year of 5th/6th eligibility is out, replace her with another player in their first year of 5th/6th eligibility. This includes KCMGLA regular season and the Year-End Tournament.

KCMGLA recognizes that spring is busy and occasionally a team may have a very short bench on game day. In order to avoid a cancellation or postponement a team may use guest player substitution so long as it conforms to this guideline.

The players must be from the same division or below. 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8thB players can guest play on other 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8thB respective teams within the same KCMGLA member club.

Players can guest play up only in the following manner. Guest Player ---> Guest Team
rd /4th ---> 3rd /4th
5th/6th ---> 5th/6th or 7th/8th B or 7th/8th A.

7th/8th B ---> 7th/8th A.
Under no circumstances is it permitted for a 7
th/8th A player to guest play on 7th/8th B.

The intent of this proposal is to prevent a forfeit and/or have a team be forced to play without the maximum allowable players on the field that the rules allow.